February 28, 2024



Tata Salt (Iodised Salt) 1kg


  • IODINE GURANTEED: An assurance of Iodine for proper growth and regulation of many bodily functions.
  • ENHANCES THE TASTE AND FLAVOUR: Tata Salt is the Gourmet Food Grade Salt that naturally enhances the taste and flavour of the food giving the ultimate experience that is JUST PERFECT!!
  • INGREDIENTS: This salt is rich in iodine and iron two of the most important micronutrients that are credited with the prevention of physiological malfunctioning and also, a known combination that aids proper mental and physical development.
  • VACUUM EVAPORATED: Vacuum salt has a very high sodium chloride content with an extremely low concentration of impurities.


Tata Salt contains requisite amount of Iodine. Unlike solar salts Tata Salt is produced using vacuum evaporation technology.


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