July 23, 2024



Puregro Platinum Extra Long Grain (1121) Basmati Rice 10kg/5kg


  • Aroma 1121 BASMATI RICE 
  • Platinum Extra Long Basmati Rice 10kg
  • Longest XXXL RICE 10kg
  • Premium Quality.
  • Real Aroma.
  • Real Taste of  INDIA.


Puregro Aroma Platinum Rice has been nurtured from the pure glacier of Himalayas. It is an exquisite combination of smooth texture and clean white grains.It is processed and packaged carefully in a fully automated , state -of-the-art milling facility. It has marvelous flour and aroma.It is a rich source of Natural Vitamins and Minerals. It turns light and fluffy. These long grains are non-sticky when cooked and have a rich taste.

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10kg, 5kg


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