July 23, 2024


Multi Millet Idly Rawa


Other Info:

  • Product Type: Millets
  • Product Weight: 300gr
  • Product Origin: Asia/India
  • Refer blog for recipe click

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Roasted Multimillet Rawa Idly is an ideal choice for your morning breakfast as it is packed and loaded with the goodness of various power-millets such as, Jowar, Ragi, Bajra, Barley, Gram, etc. that are pre-loaded with a variety of vitamins, minerals and proteins that help you stay charged up throughout the day .

How to use:

Soak Urad Dal and Health Sutra Multimillet Idly Rawa separately (for 1 cup Urad Dal you need 3 cups Multimillet Idly Rawa). Grind the Urad Dal after 3 hours of soaking and add the soaked Multimillet Idly Rawa. Add sufficient water and ferment the batter overnight. Add salt to taste. Multimillet idly batter is ready!


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