February 27, 2024



Multi-Millet Garam Masala Chapathi Mix-500g


Multi-millet masala Chapathi is a ready-to-cook dish that is a great dinner option which is a heady mix of nutrition and wonderfully tasty. This mix can be easily made with the pre-made ingredients and can be prepared into a neat dough to make yummy rotis. This is a dish that is rich flavour and nutrition and enjoyed by all.


Millet Masala Chapati mix made from millet and fresh earthy wheat, adding, freshly grounded spices to serve some extra flavor. It’s a sugar-free mix suitable for everybody. Millet flour benefits in abundance than the usual flour it reduces cholesterol controls diabetes and helps to improve digestion. The ingredients included in the mix are Kambu, Corn, Ragi, Varagu, Thinai, Cumin, Black Pepper, Elachi, Himalayan Salt, Jaggery, and Kashmiri Chilli.


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