April 13, 2024



Dr. Copper Seamless Copper Bottle 1lit and Glasses – Set of 2



Dr. Copper Smart Pack – 1000 ml Bottle + Set of 2 Glasses 300 ml Each So keeping health aspect in mind, we have introduced “Dr. Copper” World’s No.1 SeamLess Copper water bottles. These bottles are made of pure copper. These copper bottles come in attractive shape. Storing the water in Dr. Copper water bottles for 4 to 8 hours will work effectively in killing the bacteria present in the water. You can fill the bottle at night before sleeping and then consume the water in the morning for the betterment of your health. Copper helps in reducing ARTHRITIS & other INFLAMMATORY PAINS. Copper helps in Preventing DEGENERATIVE DISEASES, HEART DISEASES, AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES, ARTHRITIS, CATARACTS, ALZHEIMER’S DISEASES & DIABETES. Copper helps in HEMOGLOBIN SYNTHESIS, BONE STRENGTH & IMMUNITY BUILDING. Copper helps in INHIBITING GROWTH of HARMFUL BACTERIA like E.COIL.

World’s First 300 ml glasses.100% pure seamless copper glasses. Weight is 170 gm

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