September 30, 2022


Indestructible Metal Base Oscillating Sprinkler with Adjustable Spray 3600-Square Foot Coverage


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Water With Unparalleled Precision HW Indestructible Metal Base Oscillating Sprinkler
Keep your garden green and your lawn lush and beautiful with the Indestructible Metal Base Oscillating Sprinkler from HW. No
more wasted water or overspray – put the H2O precisely where you want it.

Control range with 16 clog-resistant nozzles for superior coverage up to 3600 sq ft. Sealed, turbo gear-driven unit for reliable
performance, and an extra-large indestructible solid-metal base for added stability and durability in the yard and garden.

Product Description

Adjustable Range Control

You can water exactly where you want! The Water Sprinkler gives you the advantage of controlling the range with very easy to use sliding

Clog Resistant

The Water Sprinkler comes with 16 clog-resistant nozzles so you can consistently control your width and range.

Clean-Out Tool

Built in clean-out tool quickly clears clogs to help keeps your nozzles clean for continuous, reliable operation, season after season.

Superior Range

The Water Sprinkler can water the large areas with up to 4,200 sq. ft. of coverage.

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20 inch, 16 inch


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